JP+ Pajama Regional

JP+ Pajama Regional #12

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September 9-10, 2022

The JP+ Pajama Regional will
NOT be recorded!

About Us

Courtney Shaw

IMD North Carolina

-Mom of five.  Lover of real people, real food, lots of laughter and never ending inspiration

-Went from inspiring people through fitness as a personal trainer for over 20 years, to inspiring healthy living and giving around the world for over a decade.

-Proud to be a “work from my phone anywhere” Bossmom!

Heather O'Brien

NMD North Carolina

-Went from educating Children in classrooms, to inspiring people to have healthier bodies, minds, and finances over 8 years ago 

-Married to my sweet guy, Sean, and mom to 3 fantastic young women

-Blessed to light a path for people to step out of their circumstances and into their best life 

-People connector, change instigator, and adventure seeker!

Lisa Padgett,

PMD+ Georgia

-30+ years sharing, caring and inspiring others through The Juice Plus+ Company

-Mom of three boys and one beautiful daughter-in-law

-Wife to Bobby, my incredible husband and business partner

-I love to travel and share experiences with my family and friends. I’m Greek, so of course, I love to eat!

Dr. Rachel Smartt

EMD Georiga

-20 years with The Juice Plus+ Company and Empowering others through Successful Prevention Plus+ Living 

-Author~ Mom of 4 grown daughters and ya’ya of 8 grandchildren

-Naturopathic Doctor and Mind/Body Confident Coach~22 yrs

-Passion is to help others to fill their own shoes and find authentic strong voices for change and through living a charged life

– Favorite things~ travel, scuba diving, belly laughing, learning new things, and surrounding herself with positive people

Tammy Lamason

NMD Tennessee

-19 years with The Juice Plus+ Company

-Married to my handsome and supportive husband, Wendel. Mom of 3 wonderful adult children and 1 son in law. Mimi to 1 beautiful little girl.

-Enjoys inspiring others to a lifestyle of healthy living physically, financially and spiritually and empowering women to become all that God has called them to be!

-Loves spending time with family & friends, laughing, avocados, and lake life!

Our Mission

Inspiring healthy living around the world by building belief in our community, our culture, and our call to action.

Giving Back


The JP+ Pajama Regional is proud to partner with the DollarFund.  The DollarFund is all of us coming together to multiply one to one million, so that everyone can have an impact.

Pure Hope Foundation

The JP+ Pajama Regional is proud to partner with Pure Hope Foundation. The vision of Pure Hope Foundation is to strengthen families and restore survivors of sex trafficking.