Most frequent questions and answers

There are 2 basic ways to participate in the PJ Regional:

  1. Click the link on this website to register yourself as a host of the event and invite your team and sideline buddies over to join you.
  2.  Connect with someone already hosting in your area and join them.

When you register to be a host of the PJ Regional, it means that you are opening your home for your team to come and take part in this event with you. The PJ Regional was designed to be a community event in a relaxed atmosphere, where our culture of fellowship and friendliness can shine through. That being said, it’s possible that there are wayward representatives that don’t live near their teams, but that might live in your area, and we love it when hosts welcome sideline friends in as well.

If you are a host, you will be responsible for organizing/delegating the food (see typical schedule below in question #3) and making sure that the technology is prepped ahead (so that your computer is connected to your TV and volume works).

Here is the schedule that most of us on EST follow (please adjust the time for your location/timezone):

Thursday Leadership Training SC & Above

6:30- Login for Zoom begins.

6:45 Welcome & Thursday Night Speakers

Friday evening:

5:30- Team arrives for a pot-luck dinner. Guests are invited for this community event! It’s an excellent opportunity for others to get a feel for our culture.

6:30- Login for Zoom begins, followed by the Friday pm speaker.

6:45- Welcome & Friday Night Speaker 

After the speaker many teams have people stay for discussion and making dream/vision/manifestation boards (if you’re doing this you’ll want to have materials available- poster board, scissors, glue sticks, tape, old magazines)

Saturday morning:

9:30am – Team arrives. We usually have coffee, Complete Shakes, and fruit available.

10am-4pm- Training time! We do take breaks in between some speakers, and there is a nice lunch break for discussion and fellowship.

**It is a great idea to delegate team to bring food/drink items for Saturday, this should not be an expensive event for you to hold in your home!

We REALLY prefer that you DON’T watch the PJ Regional alone. There are a few reasons why. First, the philosophy of this event is to be gathered with several others for community, fellowship, and cultural development. We designed this event with a casual, chilled-out, “sleep over” feel. People can be in sweats, pajamas, and snuggled up on couches together, all while learning and enjoying each other. The rich discussion that happens between speakers and at lunch is one of the biggest ways that this regional can help you grow your business.

The second reason that we prefer for you not to register and watch alone is because we have limited space on Zoom, and if you are alone, you’ll take a spot from another team that could have a crowd at their house.

The third reason that we don’t recommend you watching alone is that we have found that people who are alone are not focused on the learning all day long. People come and go in between their kid’s soccer games, or watch while they are folding laundry (or showering…. PLEASE don’t do that, we can SEE YOU!), or cleaning their house, and all of that is very disturbing to the speakers, and the other teams watching.

That’s EASY! If you aren’t near any of your team, we encourage you to invite potential team to join you at your house, or to connect with sideline friends that are within driving distance and join them. We will have a post on the JP+ PJ Regional fb page that asks people to sound off where they are located so that people can connect with others in their area.

No, the PJ Regional WILL NOT be recorded. The philosophy of this event is for it to happen live, in groups, with active discussion and participation during breaks and at mealtime. It is exactly the same as any other regional or bootcamp that you may attend. Your presence is crucial for you to get the most out of it. To watch a recording later does not fit with the intent and design of the event.

The Zoom code to login will be sent to all registered hosts the night before the event.

NO! We ask that you use the honor system and do not share the access code with anyone. Because we have a limited number of participants allowed on Zoom, if you share the code you are essentially stealing a space from another host who has registered and paid. It would not be ok for a host who has a house full of guests to not have access to the trainings. Also, because the funds from this event are being shared with charitable causes, people jumping on who have not legitimately registered would be taking monies away from those organizations..

Besides administrative fees necessary to create and run this event (including the cost for Zoom itself), your registration dollars are being shared with an amazing charity, The Pure Hope Foundation. We are SO excited to have our entire JP+ community be able to come together, learn, grow, AND make a positive impact in the world. This event has given the JP+ family another opportunity to inspire healthy giving, and we are very grateful for that.