What is the JP+ Pajama Regional?
How did it begin?

The Pajama Regional is designed to be a LIVE gathering of groups of team members and sideline friends, who can actively discuss each presentation while in a calm and relaxed setting all while you are wearing your most comfy clothes! It’s not about the PJ’s…it’s about what happens by being together in a laid back atmosphere and the growth that can happen from this experience.

The goal is for it to be “as live” as a bootcamp that you travel to and stay for every speaker–one where you are interacting with the presenters, your team, and sidelines. That is why this event is not recorded.


The JP+ Pajama Regional evolved after Courtney Shaw, NMD hosted a post-conference “wrap up” in her hotel room with her team in their PJ’s discussing all they had learned. Courtney brought that “event” home and buddied up with one of her NMD’s, Heather O’Brien. Three other Sideline Sisters (Tammy Lamason, NMD; Lisa Padgett, NMD; and Rachel Smartt, NMD) heard about the fun and wanted to incorporate that idea with their teams, too! After much discussion and incredible ideas flowing from four blondes and one brunette, they came to the conclusion of, “Why plan this JUST for our teams alone when we can reach the GREATER Juice Plus+ community through technology?”


THAT is how the JP+ Pajama Regional was born with the first one being held in April 2016.