Zoom Tips

1. Before the day of the event, get your own personal technical details in order. Be sure to figure out how to display/stream your computer through your TV or projector for your party.

2. For the best success with your internet, be sure that nobody in your house is online while zoom is running on your computer. This means your team in the room and your kids upstairs. This will help prevent freezing of your screen. If your screen freezes, give it a sec and it should come back on.

3. Be sure that your computer is ALWAYS muted and that you don’t screen share by mistake- we are controlling that from here and you should NOT be able to unmute yourself or share your screen, but if that happens and we cannot reach you to tell you, we will need to kick you off the zoom so that the speakers and participants aren’t interrupted. Be sure to set your Zoom to "SPEAKER MODE" during the training.

4. Be sure that you are DRESSED AT ALL TIMES. If you are Zooming alone (Which we DON’T recommend. See #4 below), KEEP YOUR VIDEO OFF. We have actually had "quite the show" in the past with participants getting in and out of the shower with their video still on. We would like to keep this PJ+ Regional "Rated G"! THANKS!

5. Most all of you are with big groups and we are SO excited about that because the beauty of this event is in the community we have in each live host space. That being said, we know there will still be a few of you that choose to participate alone (which we DON’T recommend) and if you are one of those people, please be sure that your video camera is OFF and that we can’t see you. It’s distracting to our speakers and other participants to have people who are alone moving about their houses- emptying their dishwashers, and walking their dogs in the park while listening.

6. Please TURN OFF cameras when speakers begin their trainings. This will help to increase bandwidth for better picture and audio.

7. Please refrain from unnecessary commentary/chatter on the Chat Section during the Zoom Trainings. It is a distraction for the speaker and participants.